Dec 13, 2016

December 13, 2016 Agenda

On the agenda:
  • Old Business:
  • New Business:
    • Viewing of First Tech Tip Video Series
    • Possible expansion of Video Team goals
    • Fundraising (video camera, maker parts/tools)
    • Buildtak 3D Design Challenge (see below for details)
  • Projects (everyone submits a Project Update today): 
    • Stinger Tech Site (Student tech support Form; Common help topics?)
    • Video Team (what next?)
    • Digital Learning Day (explore new edtech)
    • Buildtak 3D Design Challenge (try Tinkercad, see below)
  • Attendance (use the MM Attendance link on our site)
    • Secondary question asks for your thoughts on fundraising

Buildtak 3D Design Challenge
This year’s theme is spaceships! You are challenged to design a 3D model of any type of spaceship your creativity and imagination can conjure up!

Using any 3D design software create an object that can be 3D printed. You don’t need a 3D printer to participate. Submissions will be accepted between now and April 1, 2017. Prizes TBD. Designs should be printable using PLA or ABS plastic and fit into a box no bigger than 5.5 inches on each side. Designs must be original.
Great tool to use: Tinkercad
Create an account with your gtsd credentials.
Class code: 23BNGSD5