Sep 26, 2016

September 27, 2016 Agenda

On the agenda:
  • Probationary status. 
  • Communications. (ie, check our email, sign up for Remind) 
  • Quick lesson -- Google Apps for Education related tools, how to deal with corrupted profiles on PCs. 
  • Main projects for the year. I will be looking for Team Leaders, students who will be responsible for organizing the project and volunteers, and reporting to me the plans and progress. 
  • School and district wide events that Media Medics will be responsible for organizing or supporting. 

Something to think about:
While browsing the web I saw this "Student on the Street" interview project. I was thinking it might be an interesting way to poll students and teachers, then follow up with a related quick tech tip. This would allow some of you to work on multiple skills: interviewing, video editing and production, as well as writing.

Mrs. Bond